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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Iron Rockets Motorcycle Club is an Affiliate club of the Iron Order MC.
Many sport bike riders contacted the Iron Order MC over the years looking to become part of what it stood for, they could not join only because of the style of motorcycle they chose to ride.
The Brothers of the Iron Order MC started the Iron Rockets MC so that they could share their values and Brotherhood with all motorcyclists who were looking for what they have.

The Iron Rockets MC mirrors the Iron Order MC in every way except style of bike, the club is filled with law abiding Brothers from all walks of life.  It is a mens motorcycle club women cannot join.  There is a support  group that consists of the wives and significant others of the Brothers of the Iron Rockets MC and they are called the Rocket Girls.
The Iron Rockets are Brothers of all Iron Order MC Brothers, sharing the same values makes it a perfect fit, we work together, ride together and of course party together.
Brothers from different mothers on different wheels.

We have nothing to hide, everything you can see on this site is what you get.  Our members range from active and retired military to business professionals to law enforcement, business owners, construction workers and every other job description out there, we are like minded individuals who have the desire to belong to a strong Brotherhood, share the love of two wheels and the open road and the never ending search for a good party.  

There is only one way you will get to know if you are the right fit and have what it takes to join our Brotherhood and that is to contact us. Once you make that decision and begin to hang around with us you may be invited to prospect, you have to earn your patch here, it is not given or bought, it is earned in the same fashion as membership in motorcycle clubs from years ago was earned.

If you are law abiding and looking for a strong Brotherhood we may be what you are searching for, contact us then meet us, then you can decide what the Iron Rockets MC stands for and whether or not you think you would be a good fit.

If you or someone you know is interested in opening a chapter in your area, feel free to contact us.

•July 2014: We would like to welcome Groton, CT and Honolulu, HI to the family as the newest chapters to the IRMC!

•May 2014: Iron Rockets MC welcomes Michigan City, IN and Kansas City, MO!

•April 2014: Crawfordsville, IN and Columbus, OH joins the Iron Rockets!

•March 2014: The Iron Rockets would like to welcome our newest chapters Junction City, KS and Woodbridge, VA!

•February 2014: We would like to welcome our newest chapter Lakeland, FL to the IRMC!

•January 2014: Welcome Jacksonville, NC to the Iron Rockets!

•January 2014: Spring Lake, NC rings in the new year as the first chapter of 2014 - Happy New Year!

•December 2013: Valdosta, GA is on the books for the last chapter of 2013 - Welcome!

•November 2013: Kingman, AZ joins the IRMC as our newest chapter

•October 2013: We would like to welcome our newest chapters St. Louis, MO, Enterprise, AL, Odessa, TX & Grants, NM

•September 2013: Welcome to the family Fairdale, KY and Orlando, FL Rockets Chapters

•July 2013: Little Rock Arkansas joins the Iron Rockets

•June 2013: The Iron Rockets wish to welcome our newest chapter in Norman Oklahoma

•May 2013: Spokane Washington is welcomed to the ranks along with Henryville Indiana, Rochester New York and San Francisco California

•April, 2013: We welcome Portland Oregon to the Nation along with Las Vegas Nevada

•March, 2013: Killeen Texas and Fairbury Illinois join the Iron Rockets

•January 19th 2013 the Iron Rockets MC unveil their new three piece patch. This second and final rendition reflects the Strength of Brotherhood and solid commitment to the future of the club that every Brother has in his heart.

•December, 2012: El Paso Texas and Bowling Green Kentucky now join the Iron Rockets

•November, 2012: IRMC Welcomes Greenville Mississippi to the Nation

•September, 2012: Nashville Tennessee and Atlanta Georgia are welcomed to the IRMC

•July, 2012: San Antonio Texas and Saint Helena South Carolina are welcomed to the IRMC

•May, 2012: Iron Rockets MC welcomes Marietta Georgia

•April, 2012: We welcome our newest chapter Colorado Springs

•February, 2012: IRMC welcomes our latest chapter Hampton Virginia

•January, 2012:  TBA

•December, 2011:  Happy Holidays to all!

•November, 2011:  IRMC welcomes in the newest chapter, Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

•October, 2011:   IRMC Welcomes Clarksville Tennessee  Anchorage Alaska, and Tampa Florida

•September, 2011:  IRMC welcomes in our latest chapters: Dallas Texas and Evansville Indiana

•August, 2011:  IRMC welcomes the latest chapter in Navarre Florida

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